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Technical notes

Adding Files Into WebKit Xcodeproj in Linux

Old days, WebKit project supported 7 (or 8?) build systems: GYP, CMake, Makefile, waf’s wscript, Xcode’s xcodeproj, Qt’s .pro, and Visual Studio’s vcxproj. But the situation is significantly improved these days. Now there is only 2 build systems: CMake and Xcode.

Adding files into CMakeLists.txt is easy. Just adding filenames to CMakeLists.txt. So for Linux WebKit developers, only one barrier to add new files is adding files into xcodeproj without Xcode!

I created small scripts, adding files into JavaScriptCode.xcodeproj. This script is easily extended to support the other WebKit xcodeproj files. This tool uses slightly modified node-xcode for WebKit xcodeproj. And the code repository is here.